GSX Level 2 Expansion released

Το GSX Level 2 Expansion είναι πλέον διαθέσιμο από την FSDreamTeam. Καθώς πρόκειται για expansion απαιτείται το αρχικό GSX.

GSX Level 2 is an Expansion for the base GSX product (doesn't work without GSX), which offers the following two main features:

Visible Animated Passengers

SODE replacement Jetways worldwide.


  • Animated Passengers, boarding/unboarding the airplane using either Staircases or Jetways.
  • Many different characters, each one with his own different animation and walking style.
  • Visible Pilots and Crew boarding/unboarding the airplane.
  • Loadmaster assistant replaces the Crew on Cargo airplanes.
  • SODE replacement Jetways at every airport.
  • Complete Jetway editor, to fully customize the Jetway appearance at each parking spot.
  • More than 80 different Jetway types, modeled after real-world specification, each one avabile in different variations.
  • Jetway Numbers using DX11 (Prepar3D 4 only).
  • Jetway with Air and Power units, which can keep the airplane battery charged.
  • Default Jetways are replaced automatically.
  • 3rd party Jetways using the default animation system can be excluded on demand, in the airport customization.

IMPORTANT - This is not a Stand-Alone product! It's an expansion for GSX, which won't work unless GSX is already active.