ACARS v2.00

ACARS v2 is now available incorporating a lot of new features aiming towards making it more user friendly and enhancing your flight experience.

A few of the most notable changes are:

  • New UI
  • New application icons
  • Ability to divert
  • Map re-design
  • XPlane 10 & 11 full compatibility
  • PDF reports
  • Display IVAO & VATSIM traffic and ATC positions

The application code was optimized to make it lighter and faster despite the numerous new features.

In order to update just run ACARS and select Yes when prompted to do so.

Make sure to read the new manual (v2.00) available through the Dispatch Office (ACARS --> Manual) thoroughly as the UI was completely redesigned and a lot of new options are available!

Please report any problems in the ACARS support forum, if a solution is not provided in the Known Issues section of the manual.

A very big thank you to all the beta testers for checking the application thoroughly before public release and to all those pilots that contributed with their valuable comments and suggestions!

Blue Skies!

The OAV software development team