Important Information

If you were a member of OAV previously, don't register, just contact directly the Pilots’ Manager by email (
Below you can find important information you should be aware of before sending an application to Olympic Aegean Virtual. Detailed information is provided after the application has been approved.

Basic Requirements
  • Pilot must be member of VATSIM and/or IVAO. Without a membership ID in any or both of these organizations you cannot join OAV.
  • All flights are flown online in the networks of VATSIM and/or IVAO in real time (time acceleration is prohibited).
  • There's no age restriction.
  • There's no experience restriction.
  • OA Virtual currently supports Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D, Flight Simulator X (FSX), Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9) and X-Plane.
Ranking System
  • Pilots with no or little experience, start their career with the rank of Second Officer.
  • Pilots with experience from other VAs or organizations are considered in a case by case basis and may be awarded a rank directly at the discretion of the management.
  • Pilots cannot transfer their hours from another VAs, but those are taken under consideration for their entering rank.
  • Pilots are required to pass once a theoretical test in order to get promoted to the rank of Captain and above.
Rank Aircraft Types Requirements
Second Officer (L1) Mountain View Turboprops (ATR42/72, DH8A, DH8D) 0-30 logbook hours
First Officer (L2) Mountain View + single aisle jets (A319 / A320 / B733/4/6/7/8 / RJ1H) 31-100 logbook hours
Captain (L3) Mountain View + single aisle jets (A321 / B739 / B752) 101-200 logbook hours
Multiple choice test and checkride for transfer to the financial model
Senior Captain (L4) Mountain View + widebody jets (A332/3 / B763) 201-300 logbook hours
Commercial Captain (L5) Mountain View + multiengine widebody jets (A343/6 / B744 / B772 / MD11) 301-1000 logbook hours
  • OAV uses OAV ACARS, a custom made flight monitoring and auto-pirep sending software. All PIREPS must be sent through it.
  • All new pilots must send at least 1 PIREP (PIlot REPort) within 1 month of their registration.
  • Pilots must be able to make at least 1 flight per month in each division they are in.
  • The members of our virtual airline that fly in these networks should behave with respect and understanding towards their virtual colleagues that share the virtual skies with them.
  • The ICAO callsigns of Olympic Aegean Virtual is AEE and OAL. After your registration you are provided with your personal callsign (e.g. OAL109) which you should utilize when flying online.
  • If the callsign you requested upon your registration is taken by another pilot, you'll be assigned a different one by the pilot's manager.
  • All announcements regarding OAV are send to its members through the OAV NOTAM System. Since this application is using the email you are entering upon your registration, it is important to keep it up to date.
  • Pilot is obligated to read and study the instructions which are given to him/her upon registering.
Data Collection
  • We only collect basic data in order process your registration so we can verify you are who you claim to be, typically your name, email, date of birth and a Vatsim or IVAO ID.
  • We do not make available to anyone your personal information neither do we share your information.
  • We do not sell your data or make them available to anyone.
  • We do not collect sensitive personal information, which is information relating to ethnicity, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, physical or mental health or condition, sexual life or criminal record.
  • Right to be forgotten - After registration you can contact Pilots Manager ( anytime and request the deletion of your account and data from our database.

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Airways division is the main and older subsidiary of OAV. It is handling all domestic and international flights, simulating the real schedule of Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines. more

Aeroclub division simulates the environmet of a small aeroclub. Members of this subsidiary can fly anywhere they wish under IFR or VFR (SVFR, DVFR). Aeroclub increases the challenge to its members offering special flights including VIP trabsport, acrobatic flights, etc more
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