The initiative behind the creation of Aeroclub stemmed from the need to provide a subsidiary for pilots where they could enjoy the more adventurous and fun aspects of aviation by executing non-commercial route flights, while trying to keep the requirements to a minimum. Aeroclub simulates the environment of an aeroclub and/or small aeroservices company.


As a pilot of Aeroclub you may fly from anywhere to anywhere as long as you use one of the aircraft that the subsidiary has in its fleet. Furthermore, you may execute a flight according to whatever rules you decide upon, from IFR to VFR (SVFR, DVFR). In short, you plan and execute your flight as you would if you were a member/aviator of a real world aeroclub.

Aeroclub gives new pilots the opportunity to practice their aviation skills and to train without having to worry about handling large and complicated aircraft. As for experienced pilots, they can have fun by flying a relaxing flight around spectacular sites.


Aeroclub maximizes the challenges of aeroclub flights by adding special flights – missions that range from VIP flights to aerial work - for the pilots to fly and last but not least, a small-scale financial model that reflects operating expenses adds to the realism.


For anything regarding Aeroclub, contact the division's manager at aeroclub@oav.gr