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Custom Dispatch Office

Our custom dispatch office has been developed and evolved in-house throughout years to meet all the required functions and features for all the subsidiaries. It is the perfect tool for both pilots and managers to live the experience as real as it gets.

Custom ACARS

In Olympic Aegean Virtual we want our members to get the best experience from our community, that is why we developed our own ACARS which fully cooperates with our dispatch office. ACARS is available to all of our pilots at no cost.

Pilot Training

Olympic Aegean Virtual is open to everybody. Whether you are an experienced pilot or doing your first steps in Flight Simming, our instructors will help you expand your knowledge. Training nights are scheduled weekly and everyone is welcome.

Ranking System

Based on your experience you can start as a Second Officer and climb up to a Commercial Captain. In each rank you can fly specific types of aircraft. Our automated Ranking Tests and our instructors are here to evaluate your knowledge and promote you accordingly.


Be a part of our community through Teamspeak, our Forum, frequently scheduled Events on both VATSIM and IVAO, and through meetings. Everyone is welcome to share his passion and interests with the rest of the members.


Olympic Aegean Virtual was originally founded back in 1995. Since then a lot has happened to the real-life carrier but our community kept growing and evolving. OAV is now one of the biggest virtual airlines in Europe. Our moto? Come as you are!

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Olympic Aegean Virtual Group

Flying for a scope or just for fun?

Olympic Aegean Virtual Group has seven subsidiaries that offer to the pilots the relaxing or demanding virtual career they wish to follow. You can choose to fly from a lightweight single engine aircraft to the supersonic Concorde.


Airways is the main subsidiary of OAV. It handles all scheduled domestic and international flights, in essence copying the schedule of the real Olympic Air


Aeroclub simulates the environment of a small aeroclub. The pilots of Olympic Aeroclub can fly anywhere they wish using the aircraft in the fleet.


Airlines is the third subsidiary of OAV that fully simulates the financial model of a real airline.


Charter was formed to fly to international destinations all over the world with increased tourist demand.


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