Microsoft today held their first day of X019 in London, UK, and the Microsoft Flight Simulator team were there showcasing the simulator for the first time to members of the public. FSElite is on the ground at X019 gathering information from the developers and the simulator.

An all-new trailer was also shared for the new simulator, which confirms that jets will be included in the base simulator upon release. It is also the first time we have seen the Boeing 747-8 included. The trailer also shared a range of shots with new views. The Airbus A320 neo the Icon A5 and much more was shown off. You can watch the trailer about 55 minutes into their X019 event (it started at 20:00z).

 They also confirmed that they are working with aircraft manufacturers including Boeing, Airbus and many more. This is just the start of companies they’re working with and plan to continue adding to their portfolio.

For those who were invited to the Tech Alpha test 1, it will be released as soon as possible. Microsoft is working on some formalities and once it’s ready, it will be shared. They have asked that those who are going to help test provides continuous feedback to help shape the future of the simulator.