In a post over on their website, VATSIM has commented on the new revised Pilot Rating System used to grade their pilots who use the online network.

VATSIM currently grades both pilots and air traffic controllers by the user’s experience and knowledge about their chosen area, but the revised system will be aligned with real-world operations and the natural progression of a pilot. With the alignment comes an all-new rating at level P0, this is to engage all new starters with the network and to ensure their level of competency is good enough to hit the ground running when they do connect for the first time. The new rating will be delivered by an automated training program and is designed to cover the basics and how to become a good VATSIM member, even before they sign into the network and also to build confidence in those existing members that might want to develop their initial skills. All existing members will automatically be awarded their P0 rating, this will enable user progression to P1 and above.