Η FSLabs κυκλοφόρησε την νέα έκδοση του Α320-Χ για το FSX & P3Dv3.

I am happy to announce we have just made live our latest A320-X release v1.0.1.310 for FSX and P3D.

In this release, apart from the usual compatibility update code additions, we have made several improvements and fixes on this already incredible product, as part of our promise for quality support and attention to customer needs.

Together with the A320-X, we’ve released a compatibility update v1.40 of our Concorde-X for FSX and P3D, so that you can still enjoy your favorite supersonic passenger aircraft!

All product updates can be found in our downloads page.

Here’s the complete changelog of the 32-bit A320-X update (FSX / P3Dv3) v1.0.1.310:


Fix for reading files with different encoding
Fix for files not being recognized / crash resulting
Minor fixes and enhancements and new file detection algorithm
Fix for ::1 loopback address


Fix for BPV demand logic
Ram Air Door regulation fixed

Air Conditioning / Pressurization

Several fixes for air conditioning pack logic
Added feedback controller to pack by-pass valves for better control
Fixed issue with trim air valves
Cargo heat temp sensor logic improved


CFM cone / disc animation timings tweaked


A/SKID OFF ECAM message fix


ABCU 1000psi limit logic fix
Brake temp logic improved
Brake disc temperature logic tweaked
Brake Disc logic updates / fixes
Brake max deflection now relative to surface conditions


Autobrake MED distances / deceleration tuned


AoA sensitivity simulation logic improved


Default options revised


Fix for not saving Cabin Alt in Cruise
Fix for takeoff elevation when slewing updates
CAB PR LO DIFF PR logic added
Abort mode fix


MCDU OPTIONS – DMC MetricAlt option added (default OFF) for PFD
E/WD Fuel ECAM page fix
Fuel used logic fix
Fix for Chrono running in Paused state
G LOAD max 5 sec display fix
LVR MCT message fixes


Fix for HUNDRED ABOVE / MINIMUMS aurals when DH was entered and then removed

Display Units

Performance / fluidity improvements


Door open/close on panel state load
Fix in slide arm logic
Fix for door disarm during taxi


Logic improvements for AUTO SHUTDOWN


Baro switch now maintains setting through full screen/window switch


Fix to prevent flight control lock ups in certain scenarios
Roll limits added
D Gain reductions with AGL logic added
Manual pitch fix
Added damping to ELAC roll channels to reduce aileron flutter
Alternate & direct law logic tuning for green & yellow hyd loss (THS frozen)
Fix for bank > 33 and overspeed roll
Flare law elevator transition fixes


Tweaked EXT PWR load bearing significance to frequency / voltage dropout
Fix for electric diode logic
Fix for circular wiring logic
Possible crash bug identified and fixed


Thrust lever controls live engine only when single engine ops on ground
Optimizations in Jet Engine class
Fix for engine fans stopping suddenly when engine start selected
EIU FADEC timer logic fixed
Crank logic improvements / bug fixes
Logic protections for total electrics loss on ground
CFM spool rate increased


Subsystem healthy/inop status logic improvements
Rudder trim wiring fix for FAC2
Rudder trim indication change to dashes when both FACs faulty
SD FCTL page trim and limiter indication logic improved
– SD FCTL page Rudder Trim amber crosses no longer displayed with single FAC off
Reactive windshear fix for dual FAC detection
Rudder pedal tuning for improved ground handling


Thrust rating on ground with ATHR active logic improved




Fix for FCU 100/1000 switch initializations
Dual Failure now sets EFIS Baro to 1013/29.92
Fix for FCU Speed Selected
Alt sel knob pointer now lit
Baro sel knob pointer now lit
Fix for manual VS limit correction


Fix for NAV->HDG downgrade crash bug
RNP translation fixed (requires updated nav database)
Pause at TOD now at 20nm before TOD
Lateral fix for nearly codirectional segment flaw during path minification
DIR TO fixes when pseudo waypoint exists between TP and TO
APPR PERF page fixes
Fix for intl date line logic bug
X424 updates for APT listing
Radial Fix Info page RETURN logic fixed
Crash fixes for KMIA ILS12 and associated arrival procedures
Issue with abnormal leg ordering fixed
LAT REV page available for legs prior to MAPT and ENABLE ALTN separation
Fixes for transient crashes dropping calculations / predictions
Internal memory re-pairing logic improvement (performance fix)
Protection against abnormal conf settings during T/O and APPR phases (predictions loss)
RAD IN / RAD OUT logic fixes
DME-only stations now tunable in RAD NAV page
GA Perf page logic fixes
TERM/SEC/ALTN PLAN ND Display corrections
CRZ ALT updated to PPOS ALT if DES is initiated while PPOS ALT > CRZ ALT
DIR TO list not selectable if in TMPY
FPLN page negative distance logic improvements
NEXT WPT operative
NM/DIST FPLN page indication on SEC/TO WPT now PPOS-based if applicable
FLPN page: SEC ALTN now white instead of CYAN
ND SEC MSAP path and SEC ALTN path now white
Lateral path logic improvements for Nav Intcpt calcs
BLOCK PRED logic improvements
TRANS ALT/LEVEL adjustments
FIX INFO added
SEC FPLN added
Flightplanning analysis logic overhauled
Discontinuity logic improvements
AF logic improvements
AIP 3600 entry now considered as track 0
BLOCK PRED improvements
Rule updates for arrival airport procedure logic

Tuning for Autopilot in ALT* modes
Fix for LAND 3 FO and FP inhibit switches
Flare mode logic improvements
Autoland decrab fix
EXP CLB with full flaps spd target 0 protection
ATHR ihibition on ground after RTO until airborne
Mode reversions / armed mode fixes when SRS active
Path controller now uses GS instead of TAS for current FPA reference
FPA calculation fixes with windy conditions

FSL Configurator

Policy Ignore logic fix
UMPolicy logic improvements
Liveries.cfg handling logic fixed


Logic improvements


Oil-treated runway now considered asphalt


APU Fuel Pump watt consumption decreased to allow proper EMER ELEC
Fuel leak in fuel return logic fixed
FRV Flow rate reverted to 300Kg/h
Fuel tank sun exposure area improvements
Fuel Temperature model overhauled. Main features:
Fuel Pumps affect temperature
IDG thermal model added
Sun power and shade logic added


Fix for MAST WARN / MAST CAUT split light conditions
WING A.ICE SYS FAULT action color corrected
CKPT CTL ONLY logic tweak
Galley fan spurious error condition fixed
Fuel HI TEMP logicsheet fix
EMER CANC button logic fix
RCL button logic fix
Various logicsheet fixes
DB loading improvements
Rx side logic fixes


ARINC SSM settings fix

HTTP Server

Support for SSL added

Input controls

Rudder trim key event support added

Keyboard selection

Crash bug with entering new keys if FSX not installed fixed


Fix for internal overhead lights turning on from C&D with knob at OFF position
Wing lights: Conflict causing flickers fixed
Beacon lights: Potential fix for red glow on engine nacelles


PERF APPR page: Extended QNH Range (inHg) corrected
TO SHIFT added


Fix for duplicates in terminal NDBs


TOWpt distance update logic improved
Wind direction symbol logic fix
Estimated Vertical Intercept along FPLN path drawn
Terrain radar loss fix
Compass smoothing
TRU reference fix

Oil Temp

Several logic fixes


GND CTRL switch logic fix


ATHR Blue on T/O fix (redraw issue)
Slip / beta transition smoothing
Heading smoothing
TRU reference fix
FPV fix for FCU 1+2 FAULT

Panel States

Center tank fuel logic improved
Fix for states not loading correctly & various config changes
Fuel loaded on panel state load
ADIRUs save logic fixed
FCU Alt Knob save logic fixed
DU Knobs save logic fixed
DU Dimmers default to ON
Logic added to provide four starting point states:
as well as capability to save user-desired states for startup


Corrected issue which caused nose-high attitude


fix for value sometimes incorrect on landing


COM Radios tune to 122.8 / 118.1 by default now

Rudder Trim

Rudder Trim key handler logic fix


Runways logic crash fix


Roll spoilers on yellow logic fix
Roll spoiler sync logic improvements
Ground spoiler retraction time corrected


DB loading improvements


Slats half speed logic fix
Flap angles fixed for max A320 CFM angle display


Fix for LLA freeze logic when loading saved panel state

Solar library

Sun elevation calculation improvements


Possible fix for engine start buzz saw sound
Fix for Avionics inlet / outlet sounds playing briefly when ON GPU is selected
PTU logic fixes
Gear logic fixes
Fuel pump sounds tuned
APU Volume reverted
Fix for multiple sound device related crash
Fix for no audio device related crash
3XS (APU GEN) contactors logic fixed
Packs logic fixed
ADIRU Mech Horn fix

Temp model

Cargo temp tuning improvements
Duct temps in cabin tuning
Sun heat adjustments


THS change rate now 1.0deg/sec with both hyds available, 0.5deg/sec
with single hydraulic channel


Disconnect button message restored

2D Transponder panel

Squawk code now correctly drawn in 4K displays


HTTP port logic fix
FS Time now used for wx updates

Virtual Cockpit

Various small fixes and improvements
Pedestal ACP click events updated
Split of Display Units into own textures for fluidity
Fixed missing shadows
Gap in floor on captain’s side removed
Fixed FCU / EFIS / ECP lights disappearing when switching from full screen to window mode and back